Elaine Dewar– author, journalist, television story editor—has been propelled since childhood by insatiable curiosity and the joy of storytelling. Her journalism has been honored by nine National Magazine awards, including the prestigious President’s Medal, and the White Award. Her first book, Cloak of Green, delved into the dark side of environmental politics and became an underground classic. Bones:Discovering the First Americans, an investigation of the science and politics regarding the peopling of the Americas, was a national bestseller and earned a special commendation from the Canadian Archaeological Association.  The Second Tree: of Clones, Chimeras, and Quests for Immortality won Canada’s premier literary nonfiction prize from the Writers’ Trust. Dewar has been called “one of Canada’s best muckrakers and “Canada’s Rachel Carson.”  She aspires to be a happy warrior for the public good.

Books By Elaine:

Cloak of Green (1995)
Bones: Discovering the First Americans (2001) (National Bestseller)
(AWARD: Special commendation from the Canadian Archaeological Association)
The Second Tree: Of Clones, Chimeras, and Quests for Immortality (2005)
(AWARD: Canada’s premier literary nonfiction prize from the Writers’ Trust)
Uma Demao de Verde (2008) (Portuguese translation of Cloak of Green, Brazil)


  1. Greetings Elaine,

    I learned about you from the Corbett Report and Maurice Green. I wanted to thank you for your sense of social justice and activism. I am a dual citizen and have lived in BC for 20 years. I urge you to check out my book and blog here and I hope you are willing to pass the link on. I was a journalist at Prince George Citizen, in British Columbia back in 1990 etc.


    1. Hi there, just found your kind comments. Thank you.

  2. Hi there. I just thought I'd put in a wee word of encouragement, although I have not read your stuff yet. I've just heard about you through Tim Ball's Youtubr talk and I think you were very courageous to stick your neck out as you did by writing about all this conspiracy stuff. Not a great career move but excellent conscience-building material !

    ! Qnyway, I wish you well in your endeavours. God bless you & yours.

  3. Unless someone blows this open, none of ​the other issues are going to matter....



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  5. Congratulations on The Handover, which I've just finished. What an incredible feat of reporting. What a sad indictment of our incestuous ruling elite. Brazil with snow...