Monday 23 March 2015


SMARTS has a finally got its cover. Take a look to view some of the praise the book has already received and to get a sense of the content. Click on the image to see it full screen.


  1. Looks intriguing to say the least .. as do all your books ... as for dear Wayne Grady... having just read "Cloak of Green" is have to say sir that this was an unfortunate oversight on your part in that Elaine's contribution with that book alone puts her in my top 5 must-read authors of the century... but who am I ? Maybe just a some schmo in southern New Brunswick Canada .. and a home maker who blogs to boot... viva le resistance .. I will order the four pack at my local booksellers... "Tidewater Books" - the only indie bookstore between Halifax Nova Scotia and Fredericton New Brunswick .. maybe Elaine you could visit some time.. we'll go for beers.

    1. Sad to say you will not find this book in your local bookstore. It will be available on to Canadians, but not There is a long story about that. But you will be able to order it as a print-on-demand book on the .com site after April 30 (if the index gets finished on time!) or as a Kindle or other ebook format if you prefer. Thank you for your kind comments, I was just learning how to write a book when I did Cloak of Green. It is all about the information, less about the writing. I hope I've improved.

      Anyway, thank you for reading and taking the time to write your coments.