Friday 16 September 2016

Read my new serial novel That Woman (free!)

Apologies to those who have returned to this space over the course of the summer expecting to see a new post each week. I have been working very hard on a tight deadline to finish a new non fiction book. I couldn't write good posts while also writing that larger story (fascinating characters, a business mystery unraveled, stay tuned!). Its title and publication date will be announced here soon.

In the meantime, let me share with you a novel called That Woman. I have been working on it for a long time. It's the sequel to my first novel, Drew Pepper.  (Click here to read Drew Pepper for free). Drew Pepper had a science fiction theme, but as it turns out, what was fiction when I wrote it is about to become fact. Drew Pepper was confounded by chimeric mice with human-like intelligence, the result of experiments conducted by her basement tenant. Such experiments were not allowed in the US (they were doable in Canada, but probably not done). However, the NIH has decided to reconsider. So one day soon we may all be confounded by chimeric mice who behave in curiously familiar ways.

That Woman is about Drew's boss, Marsha Cooper, and how she became one of the most accomplished power brokers in the country. It's a Canadian story, steeped in Canadian history, Canadian ideas, Canadian politics, Canadian values, but not the kind you may be used to reading about. Marsha Cooper's Canada is not as sunny as Justin Trudeau's: it's much closer to Brazil with snow. Get set for robotic birds that speak, drones that spy, exoskeletons that can carry you away against your will, several love stories and business at its worst. 

I shared Drew Pepper as a serial (free!) because it is a mystery story, and mystery stories are best savored over time.That Woman will be presented as a series too. Each week, starting today, and for many Fridays to follow, I will upload a new segment for you to download and read. It's free, no surprises when you click.  If you wish, you can subscribe here so that you will get a weekly email from me sharing the latest issue.

As always, I look forward to your comments: please share them here.

I hope you enjoy meeting That Woman!

Learn all about That Woman here and read all the parts.

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