Friday, 30 September 2016

Read my new serial novel That Woman (free!) Part III

And now for That Woman, part 3...

Synopsis of Part 3:
A dance at the beginning of summer....the air is sweet, the music calls to Marta and her mother and off they go to the Violette Pavilion, where there is such joy to be found. But this is Saskatchewan,  and on any Saturday night in a small town, there will also be blood.

Drew thinks she's on to a great story, but discovers that someone else is on it too, because they're on her trail, and letting her know it.  And what should she do about her boss, who never stops calling, never stops threatening to cut her off if she doesn't tell him what she knows?

When Grandad sticks his nose in, Drew knows she's in deep trouble. 

Learn all about That Woman here and read all the parts.

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