Saturday 4 February 2017

The Chinese edition of SMARTS is available now

The new Chinese edition of SMARTS is now available, just in time for those long voyages home to celebrate the New Year.

Learn more about SMARTS here.


  1. Kind of a huge deal! congratulations Elaine (0: xx

  2. Why it is you think I haven't read your books is beyond me ... I found all of your books really important reads .. I made an effort to promote them... and now in 2017 its unfortunate you think its ok to call me a racist .. I think you are an ostrich with your head in the sand on immigration policy .. and I don't believe you have a handle on geopolitics as you're a little arrogant when it comes to what constitutes a threat to civilizations on this planet.. after all you wrote "Cloak of Green" and you pointed out Cultural Survival in 1995 Elaine... none of their work involves the preservation of the white Europeans... and you want to call me a racist? Rich.. really rich.