Thursday, 10 December 2015

Introducing Drew Pepper, a journalist in search of redemption by means of a story

Allow me to introduce Drew Pepper, a striver of a journalist wedded to a dying business who has utterly failed to live up to her own expectations. Divorced, angry at men, a strong feminist working for a female boss from hell, sure that she has been wasting her talent on profiles of  "the rich and venomous,"  Drew is determined to redeem herself by digging up a story that will change the world. 

Turns out, that story has been living in her basement all along...

Drew Pepper's tale involves a strange old man bent on using Drew to get his revenge, a brilliant young scientist in a heap of legal trouble, a family mystery, a funeral Rabbi, the weird ways of Canadian lawyers and scientific institutions, a bumbling anti-terror establishment, a very dangerous homicide detective, a young student who has put human cells in  strange places with appalling results, and a male colleague so determined to keep Drew safe that he moves right in.

Drew Pepper is droll, bitter, funny, and not at all wise.

Will she get her story and live to tell it?

Will she allow herself to be loved?

Find out by reading the Drew Pepper story serialized for the next ten weeks right here.

Click here to read the first 5 chapters.

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