Thursday, 17 December 2015

Read Part II of my new novel Drew Pepper (for free)

Drew Pepper Part II.

Journalist Drew Pepper has discovered that her basement tenant's disastrous situation, and her current assignment, are linked-- in more ways than one. Her tenant has altered mice in a startling way and is convinced that someone is trying to steal her work. Then there is the matter of a sealed statement of claim that might lead Drew where she needs to go-- if she can just get her hands on it.

Drew believes this story could be the Big One, but Drew's family want her to back off.

Rachel Gilbert thinks the Rabbi can get her out of her legal problem. The Rabbi tells Rachel to talk to her old boss, Gordon Beitz. But who's side is he on?

Is it possible that Esty's mice can talk? Or is Esty just another graduate student gripped by doctoral psychosis?

Find out. Read part II.

*Need to catch up on my new novel? Click here to read a synopsis of the novel. I'm currently releasing it on this blog in parts -- one part each week. Click here to read part I before moving on to part II. *

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