Thursday, 24 December 2015

Drew Pepper Part III: read it for free

Rachel Gilbert's legal problems drive her to despair until Sol finds a strange lawyer with an axe to grind who takes her case. After she gets some wonderful news, Rachel gets cocky and takes matters into her own hands,with frightening results.

Drew is determined to run with her Big Story to the end. She meets Rachel Gilbert by accident (or is it Karma?) and gets leads from unlikely sources. She meets up with Esty's fabulous mice.

Is her father really embroiled in her story, and if so, why? Or did she just fail to ask him the right question?

Will Rachel get a chance to tell the world what Esty's mice can do?

Find out. Read Part III of Drew Pepper for free.

*Need to catch up on my new novel? Click here to read a synopsis of the novel. I'm currently releasing the new novel on this blog in parts -- one part each week.  

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Click here to read: part III 

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