Thursday, 31 December 2015

Drew Pepper Part IV

After her accident scrambles her brains, and Jason moves in to her house to defend her, Drew finds herself removed from writing and sidelined to special projects, none defined. Why? She has her suspicions and she doesn't let that stop her. Instead, she buckles down to do the research she should have done in the first place. She meets Gordon Beitz in an unlikely place, and falls in love with Esty's mice, especially Brin. Her dead grandfather makes his first appearance. Her parents demand her appearance at a Sunday dinner.

Is Drew off the deep end or on the money?

Rachel gives her Prize Lecture, all the while trying to figure out how much she can afford to say about Esty's mice.

Mayhem ensues.

Murder to follow?

Find out. Read Part IV of Drew Pepper for free.

*Need to catch up on my new novel? Click here to read a synopsis of the novel. I'm currently releasing the new novel on this blog in parts -- one part each week.  

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